Reading Festival got a bit much - the struggle is reallll @vonwager @katsandcrows 🙈🙈🙈

Reading lovin with @katsandcrows 💙💙💙

Gayldems at Reading 🙅🙆💁 @elena__wood @vonwager

Well done boyos, smashed it 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💪💪💪💪 #WSS

The struggle is real - London vs buying new furniture 😑🆘 @elliotzactaylor

Fire bwebies bunny act with @vonwager 🐽🐽🐰🐰

Camden bound boobies 👍😏 @elliotzactaylor

Today we had the awful news our orange fuzzball Dexter had to be put down - he was only 8 😞 love you miss you cutie 💔

#petitsfilous makes your bones grow stronger 👏👏👏 @elliotzactaylor

This little bean is staying with us today 😍 @alexandralovesx @jgm_ward 💙💙💙

Last night we performed our new white fetish act - it was MESSY 🙈🙈🙈 @vonwager

A cute set for @suicidegirls @sg_unitedkingdom shot last year! 👏👏👏 #suicidegirls #charlottelou

Bunny love @vonwager 🐰❤️🐰

Dinner w mon bebe before we perform our bunny duet 😂🐰🐰

Shooting with @mobius21 photography last week makeup @staceylaceylincsmua 💀💀💀